When the body releases lipid, or fats, from its fat stores - a process known as lipolysis occurs.

Unlike Boresha's other Thermogenic, Fat-Burning products, which work efficiently via DIT (Diet-Induced Thermogenesis), CODEBREAKER™ is completely different, because it functions in 3 NON-DIT ways*:

The enhanced synthesis of cell-signaling molecules
Increased exression of whole body oxidation of energy substrates


CODEBREAKER™ L-Arginine helps your cells to produce Nitric Oxide which supports energy, immune, circulatory, and vascular health* and helps:

Keep blood vessels toned, flexible and youthful for improved circulation*

Enhance blood flow to the heart*

Support healthy blood pressure levels already within a normal range*

CODEBREAKER is backed by 27-Years of Research, Clinical Trials, & United States Patents

An Exclusive Boresha International Product www.BoreshaCodeBreaker.com

CODEBREAKER™ is the first and only L-Arginine formula that is capable of helping the body produce Nitric Oxide and LIPOLYSIS* – all at the same time.

CODEBREAKER™ can be used in conjunction with Boresha’s Thermogenic Fat-Burning B-Skinny Coffee, B-Skinny Latte, & Nuvo Gene Tea.

CODEBREAKER™ accesses a non-caffeine pathway and does not contain caffeine, so it’s an ideal alternative to persons who are sensitive to caffeine.

CODEBREAKER™ is an Ideal Partner to Boresha’s ARGMATRIX®, which naturally produces GH, a night-time internal thermogenic, anti-aging agent.*

Low Glycemic
Dietary Supplement
Instant Lemonade Beverage

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Not for use by persons under are 18 or pregnant or lactating women.

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